Halogen 12V MR16
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Halogen 12V MR16, Optimal Colour Replication

There are good reasons to install full-spectrum halogen lights: their colour spectrum resembles that of the sun to 98%. This means continuous and harmonious colour replication as well as optimal shadow formation. In addition, the even light distribution puts your objects in the right light.

  • Fits in any 12V-20W/35W/50W low voltage halogen light (reflector).
  • Standard MR16 – socket. Also known as GU (GX) 5,3 or QRCBC 50/51.
  • Experience colours as they are in nature.
  • Relaxes the eyes, improves productivity.
  • Best suited to direct picture or object illumination.
  • Very good in both infrared and ultraviolet areas.
  • Extraordinary continuous and balanced spectrum.
  • 4,000 K (Kelvin)
  • CRI 98 (colour rendering index)
  • Ø 50mm, lenght 45mm
  • Energy efficiency class: C
  • Life time: > 4,500 hours

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