Full Spectrum Bulb (E14)
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Full Spectrum Bulb (E14), Energy Saving Spiral Lamps (ESL)

Sold out, but don't worry, the LED E14 4.5W is a great long term cost-effective alternative!


LED E14 4.5 watt



Commercial and creative alternative to conventional energy-saving bulbs with health advantages relating to performance, vision and well-being. Uses the same principle as the Viva-Lite® Full Spectrum Tube but with lesser UV content.

The brilliant white light (color temperature 5,500 Kelvin) shines as a light ball in a similar fashion to an incandescent bulb and in this way produces exceptional light-technical value.
Viva-Lite® Full Spectrum Energy Saving Bulbs fit in most common desk, floor and hanging lamp fixtures - just replace your conventional light bulbs with Viva-Lite® Full Spectrum Energy Saving Bulbs and feel the difference. It's that easy!


  • Integrated electronic ballast (EVG)
  • Flicker-free immediate illumination, flicker-free operation
  • With preheating circuit, life expectancy of approx. 10,000 hours
  • Energy savings of up to 80 %
  • Attractive and unusual design
  • Pleasant, brilliant light
  • Perfect colour reproduction
  • Long, concentrated work made possible
  • Help you see and feel better, while also helping the enviroment.

Want to know which energy saving bulb is equal to which conventional incandescent bulb? Please have a look:

11W = 55W

13W = 65W

15W = 75W

Please make sure that you choose the correct bulb type.
Please note: ESL's are not for use with dimmer switches


Datasheet here available.



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